Tax Services

Tax season. The dreaded time of year where you tell a stranger (or a robot) all of the money you’ve made and all the way that you spent it in hopes that the government will spare you and send some much needed “extra” income. Ring a bell? It’s time to make it personal again. With taxes done by Norma you get to talk to someone who year after year will know you and your lifestyle better. Imagine coming to a friend who knows all the right questions to ask so not a single box is unchecked or a single dollar unaccounted for. It’s this type of quality and specialized service that gets you the biggest refund that you know you deserve.

Personal / Couple Taxes

College student, single worker, newlyweds, newly parents, and everywhere in between we have got you covered with one flat fee. We understand that your life changes and sometimes that may include a form or two. What we don’t understand is why you would pay more.

Let us help walk you through every stage of life and make sure you get the best return with our two-touch service. The first touch base will be via email where we will send you a form to fill out your expenses for the year, all of which will benefit your return. Once we get that form back we will set up the second touch base where you will schedule a 30-minute meeting with Norma to go over your numbers and make sure that you didn’t forget a single dollar that could help you get a bigger return. We look forward to working with you.

Business taxes

Sometimes in business it can feel like everyone is out to get your money and the most for their dollar on your product or service. Let us be the ones in your corner fighting for your dollar.

For example, did you know that you can write off a portion of your rent if you have a home office, or that mileage usually pays more than keeping track of how much you spend on gas? It’s the little things like this that actually add up big in your pocket. We look forward to getting you the biggest return we can and getting your business the money back that it deserves.

Add on - Rapid Returns +$150

For those that need some money sooner rather than later we offer rapid returns. This service allows you to take a loan out on your refund, giving you access part of it about a week earlier then if you waited. Don’t worry, you will still get the remaining portion of your return that we worked hard to get you, it just hits your account a little later.

Add on - Protection Plan +$100

This is your protection against the system, computer system that is. Usually taxes are sent in electronically and you are sent a confirmation code. If for some reason there is a fault in the system that fault lies on you. With the protection plan Norma will personally send you a package with printed forms, addressed envelopes, and return receipts so you can send in your hard copy to the government office without having to think about it at all. Yes, this is an extra step in the process and it does take about an extra week to get your return, but being a hard copy, it is a guarantee that no matter what glitch the system may encounter you are protected and will receive your return.