Financial Freedom Planning

Living paycheck to paycheck? Praying that your car doesn’t break down? Wondering how you’ll get out of your soul-crushing debt? Create financial freedom for yourself with the help of budgeting, accountability and tools that make it easy to get on track and stay on track. Imagine eating out, going to the movies, and giving yourself extra spending money all while saving for retirement, paying your bills on time, and building an emergency fund. This can and should be yours with a tailored financial freedom plan.

Intensive $250

Here we will deep dive with you into all three pillars needed to sustain wealth: creating a budget, looking at 6-month financial plan, and accountability tools. After this 90 minute session you will have all of the information necessary to build wealth on a budget.

Maintenance planning $100/mo

Not ready to jump out of the nest quiet yet? Keila’s got you covered. This simple plan includes an email and a 30-minute check-in every month, so you can stay on target and get yourself financially free.

3-Month $600

During this three months you will make saving a routine. Keila will be there every step of the way to answer questions and help you build and stick to budgets that you create. She will help you to look at things analytically and make sure that you are not starving yourself of the simple pleasures while you are getting on track financially.

6-Month $1020 (15% Discount)

This 6 month hand holding process will be everything that you need to sustain the wealth that you are building. Budgets and savings plans will be created as you need them and implemented through an accountability partnership between you and Keila. As life happens you will have someone that can guide and help you manage your financial situations as they appear on your doorstep. The more you work with Keila, the more you will understand about how budgets can grow and change as your financial state does.